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Auralia Changes

Library - Question Creation

  • NEW - Combined part dictation and chord dictation question type (Notation -> Notate) (4338)
  • NEW - Notation highlighting now supported for Multiple Choice feedback notation selections and Question Display notation (4078)
  • NEW - Multiple choice questions can now require multiple correct answers (2599)
  • NEW - Notation selections can now be selected per voice / part (4758)
  • NEW - Question instructions now support URLs in addition to existing simple HTML tags (4902)
  • Notation -> Highlight questions now support distinct modes - notes, bars, parts (4917)
  • Rhythm tapping assessment now supports part selection (4778)
  • Question validation now allows you to 'Discard' a question if not needed (4889)


Version 6.1 includes our new diversity content; compositions by women composers and composers of colour, more than 800 questions in all.
Also included are our new questions, syllabus content and worksheets (100+) to support college Theory & Aural I-III and Fundamentals courses.  The new units focus on specific harmonic vocabulary as a basis for delivery of melodic dictation, and harmonic dictation & analysis content, and often include questions drawn from the repertoire.

Detailed information on the pages below.

Sound & Playback

  • NEW - Mixer in topics such as Chord Progressions. Default settings - 'On' in practise, 'Off' in tests, with syllabus, topic and test entry control (3507)
  • NEW - Metronome options - 6/8 etc can now have just two taps - set on Syllabus and Test (5025)
  • Tonic chord now includes a root note an octave lower (3097)

Classic Topics

  • Improved choice of 'random' starting notes to dramatically reduce instance of double accidentals (4788, 5007)
  • Question selection improved so that it is more random - especially noticeable in levels with limited content (256)


  • Can now preview levels on the Syllabus screen (3644)
  • Invalid levels can no longer be saved (4888)

Tests & Courses

  • NEW - tests and courses are no longer assigned to all Classes - a prompt appears (5012)
  • Display text entries can now be much larger, support URLs and simple HTML tags (4756)
  • Students can now be forced to complete attempts before starting another! (4936)
  • Invalid syllabus levels cannot be used in a Test or Course (4980)


  • Course reports now show time taken (3289)
  • Overall summary now has 'Totals' (4752)
  • Activity log now shows login information (4765)


  • Classes are no longer assigned all tests & courses when first created (5013)
  • Email addresses are no longer uppercased and can be much longer (4944, 4841)


  • The 'Professor' picture has been updated (4956)
  • Notation XML export now supports minor! (4584)
  • Notation import now supports '.musicxml' file extension (4975)