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Content 15011 Changes

Cloud - Full Edition - Musition - Harmony & Counterpoint

  • Harmonic Dictation and Analysis – New questions
  • Counterpoint Writing – general knowledge on counterpoint rules, including identifying the intervals between parts, identifying intervals as perfect consonant/imperfect consonant/dissonant, and counterpoint writing error detection.  And, manually assessed counterpoint writing questions for all 5 species forms!
  • Four-part writing – New questions on parallel unison, contrary 5ths/8ves and cross relations, plus questions dealing with the resolution of cadential 64s, Neapolitan 6ths and augmented 6th chords
  • Chords – new chord types including inversions of augmented, diminished and 7th chords
  • Chords – General knowledge on inversions, diatonic chords, figures and 'jazz' slash chords

Cloud - Full Edition - Musition - Rhythm & Meter

  • Meter Transposition
  • Meter basics – Questions relating to understanding beat value, beats per bar, simple, compound, duple, triple and quadruple time
  • Ties – Rewriting excerpts with dotted values using ties

Cloud - Full Edition - Musition - Pitch, Intervals & Scale Degrees

  • Pitch – basic questions on understanding pitch class and relationships between pitch letter names
  • Pitch and Clef basics – identifying different clefs, notes on the lines/spaces of the staff and accidentals
  • Note Writing – on the alto and tenor clefs
  • Intervals – identifying half steps and whole steps in a short excerpt
  • Interval writing – Whole and half steps
  • Intervals – general knowledge on simple vs. compound, interval qualities, consonant vs. dissonant intervals
  • Clef Transposition
  • Scale Degree Matching – matching the scale degree number to its technical name
  • Scale degree writing

Cloud - Full Edition - Musition - Scales & Keys

  • Scale Writing – new questions including tetrachords, pentachords plus major and minor pentatonic scales
  • Key Signature writing – Alto and tenor clefs
  • Key signature basics – Parallel and relative keys
  • Modulation – Questions to help students understand pivot chords and chord function in related keys

Cloud - Full Edition - Auralia

  • Contour – questions with monophonic and polyphonic excerpts
  • Rhythmic devices questions covering hemiolas, cross-rhythms, rubato
  • Applied chords – highlight where they occur
  • Meter Recognition – New questions including 9/8

Cloud – First Edition

  • No changes