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Content 15016 Changes

Cloud - Full Edition

This update includes lots of new questions, syllabus content and worksheets to support college Theory & Aural I-III and Fundamentals courses.  The new units focus on specific harmonic vocabulary as a basis for delivery of melodic dictation, and harmonic dictation & analysis content, and often include questions drawn from the repertoire.

  • Melodic dictation: Outlining I, V, V7, IV, ii... N6 etc
  • Species Counterpoint
  • Harmony

Four-Part Writing
Nonharmonic Tones
6/4 Progressions

  • Binary & Ternary Form
  • Phrase Analysis & Motivic Devices
  • Placement Exams

You can explore or assign these worksheets in Auralia and Musition under the Fundamentals and Theory & Aural I-III groups in Tests.