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Amazing Content

Amazing ContentWith 120 learning areas, Auralia® and Musition® are perfect for students of all ages and abilities, from complete beginners to those studying chromatic harmony and post tonal theory.

Quizzes & Exams

Quizzes & ExamsQuizzes, weekly worksheets, placement exams and formal assessments. The automatic assessment saves instructors hours of grading time and provides instant feedback for students.


CustomizationInstructors can customize the platform to suit their curriculum needs. Copy and edit the provided content or create your own questions and syllabi. Import audio, notation, images and YouTube links.

Curriculum & Content

  • Fundamentals, Theory & Aural I - IV
  • Worksheets, assessments & placement exams
  • Sight singing & recording
  • Four-part writing with automatic assessment
  • Diversity content; women composers & composers of colour
  • Pop, jazz & world music with YouTube integration


FundamentalsMusition makes music theory fundamentals fun and easy! Note reading, scales, intervals, chords, meter, rhythm reading, ties, keys, cadences, transposition, range, piano keyboard, terms & symbols, concepts, ornaments, terms and more..

Theory & Aural I - IV

Theory & Aural I - IVPractice syllabi and automatically assessed worksheets that align with Theory I-IV courses. From diatonic harmony to chromatic chords, and modulation, through to post tonal concepts, Musition supports your students over 4+ semesters.

LMS Integration

LMS IntegrationAuralia and Musition can be integrated with your LMS!  We currently support Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Schoology and the MusicFirst Classroom.

Music to our ears

Jonathan Rice, Music Coordinator at St Aloysius

“We use Auralia and Musition to assist with exam preparation, to track students’ progress and set worksheets, and I’ve noticed a reduction in my marking load since we introduced these programs.”

Michael Martin, Music Teacher at Rugby School

“The students often use Auralia and Musition to prepare for exams, especially theory exams. Students are more engaged and this, in turn, leads to better results. I’ve noticed real improvement in students’ results, especially intervals and chords.”

Tim de Jong, Head of Music Department at Walford Anglican School for Girls

“I have used the software to set worksheets and track students’ progress. I think that there has been an improvement in students’ test result and their musicianship with Auralia and Musition.”