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Cloud - Full Edition - Musition

Introduction to four-part writing, including multiple choice questions and basic supporting drills to test the students’ knowledge of chord function, voice range, spacing, voice crossing, voice overlapping, doubling, omission errors, tendency tones, melodic motion, parallel 5ths/octaves, and unequal 5ths

  • Transposition questions: By key or by interval
  • Piano keyboard questions: 4 octave keyboard, enharmonic notes, octave designation
  • Harmonic dictation: new questions in a minor key featuring a single applied dominant
  • Stem direction: new questions using short excerpts that cross over the middle line of the staff
  • Interval recognition: by size only (not quality)
  • Note Writing: Octave specific

Basic Pop Harmony

  • Analyse the ‘jazz’ chord symbols with Roman numerals
  • Transpose the chord symbols to the new key
  • Identify the chord that is not diatonic to the key

Cloud - Full Edition - Auralia

  • Melodic motion questions: Identification of parallel, similar, oblique, and contrary motion in 2-part excerpts
  • Tempo Recognition questions
  • New work and composer identification questions

Cloud – First Edition

  • No changes