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The best music theory software

Depth of content

Complete with 61 topics, Musition® is the ultimate music theory tuition tool.  With an amazing breadth and depth of content, this software is great for beginners through to advanced students.

Educational use

Musition has awesome tools for student assessment & tracking so there’s less time grading and more time teaching!  It’s so simple to set a quiz, worksheet or a complex exam!

Easy to use

Designed for students of all ages and abilities, the clean and simple interface in Musition makes it perfect for young kids, college students and adults.

The complete theory platform

  • Fundamentals, Theory & Aural I - IV
  • Pitch, Intervals, Scale, Chords
  • Rhythm, Beaming, Tapping
  • Four Part Writing - graded!
  • Transposition, Error Detection, Analyis
  • Worksheets, assessments & placement exams
  • Complete customization

Why learn Music Theory

Even if you ‘play by ear’, music theory will help you understand what other musicians are playing, increasing your awareness of their melodic, rhythmic and harmonic language.

Regardless of your musical style, classical, jazz or contemporary, the music theory exercises in Musition will help you reinforce and expand your knowledge, making you a better musician.

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What you'll learn:

  • Read and write music
  • Understand scale and chord structures
  • Improve your sense of rhythm
  • Understand instrument keys and transposition
  • Comprehend musical terms and symbols

Cloud Edition

Working with your students on and off campus.


  • Record keeping and tracking
  • Ear training & theory with real music
  • Curriculum mapping & customisation
  • Quizzes, assessments, exams


  • Complete tasks at school or home
  • Quality feedback to assist learning
  • Windows & Mac
  • iPhone, Android, iPad, Chromebook

Music to our ears

Jonathan Rice, Music Coordinator at St Aloysius

“We use Auralia and Musition to assist with exam preparation, to track students’ progress and set worksheets, and I’ve noticed a reduction in my marking load since we introduced these programs.”

Michael Martin, Music Teacher at Rugby School

“The students often use Auralia and Musition to prepare for exams, especially theory exams. Students are more engaged and this, in turn, leads to better results. I’ve noticed real improvement in students’ results, especially intervals and chords.”

Tim de Jong, Head of Music Department at Walford Anglican School for Girls

“I have used the software to set worksheets and track students’ progress. I think that there has been an improvement in students’ test result and their musicianship with Auralia and Musition.”