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LMS Integration


Auralia and Musition Cloud can be registered in your school LMS as external tools, allowing you to link tasks in your LMS to tests in Auralia and Musition.  Students’ test results will be automatically reported back to your LMS gradebook.

LMS integration with Auralia and Musition uses the LTI standard, supporting 1.1 and 1.3.


In order to set up integration, please contact us and let us know which LMS you are using, and what version of LTI you wish to use.  We will then provide you with the necessary setup and security information.  Many different LMS are supported, including those below.

  • Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, D2L Brightspace, MusicFirst Classroom, Schoology, SchoolBox


Your LMS administrator will need to register external tools for Auralia and Musition so that you can use them in your courses.  For each of Auralia and Musition we support two different tools:

Task Launch

A task launch connects a task in your LMS with a specific "Test" or "Course" in Auralia or Musition. When you first launch the task from the LMS, you will need to attach it to an Auralia or Musition "Test" or "Course".

The results of the attached item are then reported back to the LMS.

Please refer to this document for details on how to create a task and link to a Test or Course.

Practise Launch

A practise launch opens Auralia or Musition for general practise.  Students can practice any topic but cannot take Tests or Courses, these must be done via a Task launch.

No results are reported back.

Registering Tools - LTI 1.3

We have special instructions for specific LMS types, please let us know if you are using another LMS and require assistance.

Registering Tools - LTI 1.1

Instructions may be found at the following sites.  Please contact your LMS vendor if you need further assistance.

Tool URL

If supported by your LMS, automatically configure from a 'Tool URL' or 'XML URL'.  Titles and icons are then provided.

  • In Canvas, use the "by URL" configuration method and enter the URL from the table below.
  • In Moodle, use "add tool" and enter the URL from the table below.
Auralia task launch
Auralia practise launch
Musition task launch
Musition practise launch

Consumer key and shared secret

We will provide these to you by email.


We recommend sharing launcher’s name with the tool, so that you can use the reports in Auralia and Musition for information on your students’ progress but you may hide names if you prefer.

If your school is purchasing licences for Auralia and Musition, we do not need your students’ email addresses.  However if your students are purchasing licences directly, sharing their email address with us will simplify the purchasing process.  

In Blackboard Learn, you must share the user’s role in course.

Launch Behaviour / Container

A new window / tab is recommended to maximize the amount of available screen space, but embedded is supported.

Other Settings

Some systems require some special settings, please see the documents below.

You can also tell us what you call your LMS and we’ll configure our system to refer to your LMS by that name (eg “Springfield High Learning Portal”)