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Version 4.0.1 Changes

This release has some handy new features and improved notation display!  And, it also includes support for the awesome new Diversity Content and Theory and Aural I-III sequences introduced in Version 6.1.


  • Search is now enabled on the People page, it's much easier to find your students! (2053)
  • Class list is sorted correctly on the People page, and also when editing a user (1533, 2119)


  • Timers now show seconds if necessary (2021)
  • Minor issues with the navigator resolved (2060)
  • Score display setting now respected in all combinations when running a task (2101)


  • Questions with 'Display' notation now support zooming (1905)


  • Improved alignment of stems, tails, noteheads and staff lines (325, 2086, 419)
  • A confirmation dialog has been added to the 'Clear Answer' button (1891)
  • Stem directions are now down for mid line notes (2058)


  • Voice channels are now correct in the mixer (1955)
  • Playback now correctly substitutes piano if an instrument is not supported (1460)