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Version 3.4.0 Changes

This release features some basic Administration functionality!  Early days, with lots more to come...

We also have support for the new features and fixes in Version 6.1, including all the new Diversity Content and the Theory and Aural I-III sequences!


  • New 'Admin' menu
  • Class viewing & editing of common settings
  • User viewing & editing of common settings
  • LMS Task linking, including result type and re-submission of results
  • LMS Task list - view ALL existing linked tasks
  • ... lots more coming soon!


  • Issues in Auralia Rhythm Elements when retrying questions resolved (1752)


  • Rare issues with Notation accidentals when mode switching resolved (1787)
  • Issues with chromatic chord button sometimes not appearing fixed (1234)


  • Task list now allows multiple groups to be opened (1591)
  • Practise results of "0/0" now show correct percentage (1760)
  • Test results are now available if Practise is completely disabled in specialised 'exam services' (1786)