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Version 3.2.1 Changes

This 3.2.1 release also includes support for the new features and fixes in Version 6.1, including all the new Diversity Content and the Theory and Aural I-III sequences.

Library Questions

  • Support for new 'Select ALL Correct Answers' option in Multiple Choice questions (1433, 1447)
  • Notation now displays correctly for Multiple Choice feedback options (1540)
  • Fixed issues with highlight questions (1467, 1488)


  • Rare issues with Tapping resolved.  Needed to have Pulse Tapping prior to any other tapping entry (1541)
  • Incomplete tests can now be submitted from the feedback screen (1543)


  • Braces now appear correctly on a Grand Staff (1402)
  • Palette changes to remove accidentals and voice selections when not required (1412, 1521)
  • Extra support for various 6.1 features, including voice selections (1500)