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Network Setup 3 – Workstations


Once Auralia or Musition is installed on each workstation, it can easily be setup to read databases and configuration from a network server. Third-party automated installation software may make it easier to install on multiple computers.

If you are using imaging software, be assured that you CAN register and activate Auralia and Musition on your master workstation and generate your image from that – the software will work fine on your imaged machines.

Note that it is not possible to simply install the client program files onto the server and run it on each of the clients – it must be installed locally.


Once the software has been installed, you need to run it for the first time, enter your serial number and activate the software. The wizard will then run; select your settings and create a user.

These settings and the user you create are not stored on the network database, as the workstation hasn’t yet been configured for network use.

You now need to configure your workstations to connect to your server database.

    • Ensure that you have completed the server installation process, and that your server machine is turned on.
    • Open up Auralia or Musition on the workstation
Version 5, 6 & 7 - go to the 'Settings / Network' screen
Version 4 - go to the 'Administration / Network' screen
    • Select the option ‘Use Remote Database’.

Complete the two steps below and your workstation will be connected to your shared server database.

Step 1 – Database Server Hostname / IP Address

Enter the hostname or IP address of your server. We recommend using a hostname if possible, as on some networks, IP addresses can change.

Step 2 – Password

Enter the RISINGSOFTWARE Firebird user password that you setup during the server setup process.

There are a number of other options on the ‘Administration / Network’ screen that can be configured. Note that in MOST installations, these do not need to be changed. If you do need to change these, please refer the documentation.

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