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LMS Transition & Getting Started


Using Auralia and Musition with your LMS has many benefits, with streamlined account management and simplified grade management.

This document should be reviewed by all faculty, but is especially useful if you have previously used Auralia and Musition in a standalone environment.


Your LMS must be setup by your LMS administration team to work with Auralia and Musition.

Please refer to this document to setup your LMS.

Accounts & Authentication

When your service is linked to your LMS, most account management, and all authentication, is via your LMS.

  1. All accounts are automatically created when a user first launches Auralia or Musition from the LMS
  2. Students should not be imported into Auralia and Musition
  3. All users must launch Auralia and Musition from the LMS

Account Information

Within your LMS, you may be able to control the type of information that passes through to Auralia and Musition.  In general, these items are supported.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Access level (LMS role)

Other account settings such as voicetype are still controlled within Auralia and Musition, and are editable on the People page.


LMS users are mapped to Students and Administrators in Auralia and Musition.


Student groups or class names are also synced and students are dynamically allocated to whichever class they launched from.

This function may be toggled on or off for your service. If it is not working as expected, please get in touch with us to review your service settings.


When your service is linked to your LMS, you must launch Auralia and Musition from the LMS.

There are two types of launches; ‘Task’ and ‘Practise’.

Task Launch

A task launch connects a task in your LMS with a specific “test” in Auralia or Musition. When you first launch the task from the LMS, you will need to attach it to a test in Auralia or Musition.

The results of the attached test are then reported back to the LMS.

Please refer to this document for details on how to create a task and link to a test.

Practise Launch

A practise launch opens Auralia or Musition for general use. Students can practice any topic, but cannot take tests, these must be done via a Task launch.

No results are reported back.

Launching – Desktop or Browser


Instructors will always be given the option to launch the installed desktop software or the browser client, regardless of the launch type (practise or task).  They must launch the installed desktop software to link a task to a test.


Student launches are slightly different.

  1. When students launch a task that will definitely work in their browser, it will launch in the browser
  2. When students launch a task that requires the installed desktop software, it will launch the desktop software
  3. When students do a practise launch, they will be shown the launch chooser screen, allowing them to have access to all content in the installed desktop software

The only exception is when the MusicFirst Classroom is used with the ‘First’ edition, which uses browser only by default, even for practise launches.

Download – Installed Software

The launch page will always provide download links for the latest version, this is the only place the software should be downloaded from.