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Browser Support – General Notes

Auralia and Musition now feature a new Cloud client, allowing you to run these amazing ear training and theory tools directly in your web browser!

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • iPad
  • Chromebook

The current release contains 76 of the most popular topics!  Small updates will be deployed automatically; the knowledge base will have details as they are released.

The browser client is completely integrated with existing Cloud services; simultaneous use of the traditional Windows and Mac client is supported and indeed required for teacher grading and administrative functions.

General Features

  • Practise topics, with custom syllabus support
  • Tests, using available browser topics
  • Tests, using most library question topics
  • Lesson viewing
  • MusicFirst Classroom integration
  • Practise results
  • Settings – user details, class enrollment
  • Message viewing


Access and Licencing

There are no additional licences to purchase! Simply get in touch with Rising Software to have your Cloud service enabled for browser access and links will be provided. All your existing account details will carry through.

Note that you will need the very latest version of Auralia and Musition for your Windows and Macs, this will mean that all your computers will need to be updated. Teachers and administrators must have a Windows or Macintosh computer to administer their system, even when students are using the web browser client.

This is true even when using the MusicFirst Classroom integration; creating and assigning Auralia and Musition tasks requires the use of the desktop software using a Windows or Macintosh computer.


MusicFirst Classroom

Customers who have MusicFirst Classroom licences are eligible to use the browser client immediately. Once enabled, students will no longer have access to the Windows or Mac clients, they will always launch into the browser.

MusicFirst customers who use the Auralia and Musition First products outside of the MusicFirst classroom can use either client.

System Requirements

System requirements for the browser client can be found in this article, system requirements for the desktop client can be found in this article


If you wish to utilise the browser client then please get in touch and we can enable access for your Cloud service.  Note that not all features are available in the browser at this stage, as detailed in this article.

If you are a MusicFirst customer and wish to transition to the browser version, please contact MusicFirst at your convenience. 

Future Features

The browser client does not yet have all the features found in the Auralia and Musition desktop software. This summary outlines features that are planned but not yet implemented. 


  • Courses, using available topics
  • Keyboard, solfege & guitar controllers
  • Practise – load last level


  • Professor
  • Minimum levels
  • Active topics
  • Retry settings


  • People
  • Tests
  • Courses
  • Syllabus
  • Messages
  • Library


  • Extra Auralia & Musition topics
  • Some library content & questions