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Four-part writing with automatic assessment

Musition® now includes four-part writing with automatic assessment!

Let’s face it, this is going to save you loads of time (no more marking) and give your students clear, annotated feedback to guide their learning.  

This feature supports diatonic progressions through to chromatic harmony and modulation and can be fully customized to match your teaching methodology. To try it out for yourself, request a cloud trial.


  • Parallel Unison/5ths/8ves
  • Hidden 5ths/8ves
  • Leading tone resolution
  • Chordal 7th preparation & resolution
  • Chord Spelling including doubling & omissions
  • Voice crossing & overlapping
  • Range & spacing
  • Unequal 5ths & cross relations
  • Illegal melodic intervals
  • and more...

Students can access this powerful feature anywhere, on any device.

Learning Sequences

Four-part writing can be overwhelming for students with its numerous rules and special exceptions. Musition presents a clear learning sequence and allows students to check their answers, providing detailed graphical and text feedback. Errors can be soloed giving students the ability to isolate each issue.

There are tons of included questions, beginning with simple V-I resolutions, through to chromatic progressions. All the rules, and scoring schemes are fully customizable to suit your curriculum needs.

You can easily add your own progressions in the Library and create a variety of different four-part writing question types based on your pedagogical needs.