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Auralia and Musition are perfect for your classroom!

Fun and engaging theory and ear training with instant feedback, comprehensive lessons and teacher assigned assessments.  Students can work independently, both on and off campus, at their own pace.  MusicFirst integration and progress reports make life easy for teachers!


Auralia & Musition First

Our 'First' edition is specially designed for elementary, middle and high schools.  Students can practise, review lessons and complete tasks, in areas such as Intervals, Chords, Scales, Terms, Rhythm, Cadences and Melody.  We have worked with many educators to ensure that topics and levels are ideally suited for most band, choir and orchestra programs.

Drum Styles

Score Reading

Licensing is simple and cost effective; each and every one of your students will be able to improve their skills with Auralia and Musition First. The assessment and record keeping make administration tasks a breeze, allowing you to spend more time actually teaching!

  • Integrated into the MusicFirst classroom

  • Set and track homework & assignments

  • Great for hybrid learning - use at school and home

  • Easily meet assessment requirements

  • Works on iPad, iPhone, Chromebook Android, Windows, Mac

AP* Music Theory

The 'Full' version of Auralia and Musition comes complete with AP* Music Theory support.  And, we now support the new CED!

Levels and worksheets are mapped directly to the curriculum, providing clear learning pathways, with hundreds of exam specific questions, nearly all of which are automatically assessed!

Amazing customisation is also included with the 'Full' Auralia and Musition.  You can import your own audio and notation, create your own questions, modify curriculum, and easily create quizzes, worksheets and assessments, using any of the included content.


Error Detection

Free Response Questions

Students can practice using large banks of questions that are modeled on the exam and draw from the curriculum content in the CED.

  • FR 1/2: Melodic Dictation - Including questions with a single chromatic note (the raised 4th)
  • FR 3/4: Harmonic Dictation & Soprano/Bass Dictation - Based on the harmonic vocabulary in the exam, including applied chords
  • FR 6: Four-Part Writing
  • FR 7: Two-part composition