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Version Changes

A small update with some fixes and minor changes.  Remember that Auralia and Musition 7.2 now include some great new question types and options, as well as all the new features and content in Version 7.0 of Auralia and Musition!


  • Notation -> Barline - new option to allow barlines to be inserted between nearly any notes (5704)
  • Notation -> Text (Radio) - scoring improved when there is only single selection required (5775)
  • NEW - Multiple Choice Image questions now support Playback and Notation display in the feedback (4754)
  • NEW - Multiple Choice questions now support a second Display option in the feedback (5791)


  • NEW - Courtesy accidentals are now supported (3431)

Other Changes

  • Tapping feedback now shows your taps correctly, they were quantised (5894)