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Version Changes

A small update with some bug fixes and tweaks.  Of course it also includes the Four-Part Writing and Sight Singing Features, and amazing new content in the initial Version 7 release.


  • Duplicate grading attempts no longer display when LMS connected (5648)


  • Minor issues with text label position after last note resolved (5642)
  • Improved Cadential64 input (5667)
  • Tuplet input issues when replacing first note with shorter duration fixed (5675)
  • Fixed errors entering notes in Complete the Bar exercises (5654) 
  • Entire bars can now be highlighted in Notation -> Highlight questions (5053)
  • "Ghost" Cadential64 chord symbols no longer appear in topics such as Part Dictation (5692)


  • Issues with large image import fixed (5579)
  • Screen sizing improved for Auralia Chord Progressions (5645)
  • Auralia Pitch Comparison instrument selection works correctly now (5647)
  • Multiple syllabi can no longer be selected in reports (5680)
  • Auralia Part Dictation note entry issues fixed (5687)