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Version 4.6.0 Changes

We now have Syllabus in the Administration, allowing you to view and preview levels!


  • Syllabus page has been added, with topics and level preview (3087, 3089)
  • Improved group name behaviour when adding new Tests & Courses (3207, 3263)
  • Using the 'Reports' button from the People page now show both Auralia and Musition results (3245)
  • Fixed search issues and improved search highlighting on the People page (3294, 3324)
  • Issues with user import and email addresses resolved (3306)


  • The grading 'scores' area no longer scrolls with the question (3254)


  • Issues with Key Signatures being repeated when an anacrusis is present are resolved (3342)


  • Free text questions that have answers exceeding the wordcount are not longer marked as incorrect (3242)
  • Improvement to word count warnings on Free text questions (3321)
  • Enhanced password reset on the login page (3030)