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Version 4.5.1 Changes

Great little release with improved question timing and user import!


  • NEW - Students can now be imported on the people page (2371)
  • NEW - Classes can be automatically created when importing Students (3042)
  • NEW - Students can be included in multiple Classes when importing (3040)
  • Manually assessed questions cannot be added to Courses anymore (3050)
  • Tests with manually assessed questions cannot be added to Courses anymore (3047)
  • NEW - Course and Test entries now feature improved Library question search with favourites support (3052)

Library Questions

  • NEW - Support for new spacing options - instructions & display items, multiple choice image answers (3067, 3068)
  • NEW - Multiple choice questions now allow for a fixed number of selections when multiple are allowed (2963)
  • Resolved issues with locked rhythms being erased (3064)
  • Questions are not shown until all media is loaded (1202)


  • Notation phrase marks cannot be removed unless the phrase controls are enabled in the notation palette (3065)
  • Improved timing of practise and task questions with the new 'Inactivity Timer' (3043)