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Version 4.3.1 Changes

A little update with fixes and tweaks, and a vastly improved Rhythm Tapping experience on smaller screens!


  • Issues when editing Tests or Courses from the MFC resolved (2677)
  • The Tests & Courses pages now show if they are an Auralia or Musition task (2652)
  • 'Resubmit' and 'Results Mode' are no longer available on the LMS 'Other Tasks' page (2647, 2679, 2680)

Drills & Notation

  • Rhythm tapping now features 'scroll as you tap' - makes things MUCH easier on smaller screens! (154, 264)
  • Can no longer place notes between 'non-editable' notes (2650)
  • Scrolling notation on the feedback screen no longer starts playback (1231)
  • The 'Clear Answer' button no longer resets the notation zoom level (2654)
  • Figured Bass - 'Display first chord symbol' option now works correctly (2663)


  • The Tasks page now features a search box! (2674)
  • Notation in lessons now display shorter bars correctly (404)
  • The "Messages" feature now displays 'pop-ups' correctly (1357)