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Version 4.2.0 Changes

An important update with proper Cadential 64 support - and loads of admin tweaks.  Of course it also includes the Four-Part Writing and Sight Singing Features, and amazing new content in the initial Version 4.1 release.


  • Cadential 64 terminology can now be selected!


  • Tests can now be previewed (2364)
  • Test & Course entries can now be previewed (2365)
  • Test entry editor now has the 'Start Immediately' playback option (2514)
  • Extra information if Tests or Courses aren't assigned or haven't enough content to run correctly (2477, 2401)
  • Grader and Assistant profiles now work correctly! (2499)
  • Issues with searching on the People page resolved (2512)
  • Improvements to HTML Link editing (2557)


  • The address bar on iOS now 'hides' correctly when scrolling (2474)
  • Improved display of HTML text in Tests Entries, Library Questions and Messages (2574, 2544, 2572, 2573