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Version 4.1.2 Changes

Nice little update with loads of admin tweaks.  And, the Professor is now running in the browser, helping advise students when to move up and down levels! 😀 Of course it also includes the Four-Part Writing and Sight Singing Features, and amazing new content in the initial Version 4.1 release.

Student Practise & Tasks

  • The 'Professor' is now functioning in the browser! (1287)
  • The 'last practised' level is now highlighted when students return to a topic (1289)
  • Rare issues with some notation question assessment resolved (2383)
  • Spacing increased on Test & Course display entries (1512)


  • Course entry 'grids' & editor no longer display marks (2467, 2460)
  • Test and Course entry grids now display non-web topics correctly (2468)
  • Date filter is now 'sticky' after reviewing a student task (2312)
  • Classes - links to Tests and Courses now provided for assigned tasks(2451)
  • Warning now provided when existing Test & Course entry editing (2455)
  • Issues editing long Test & Course descriptions resolved (2469)
  • Issues previewing questions when creating tests resolved (2409)
  • Many little gui improvements - spacing, layout (2475, 2462. 2461. 2456. 2454. 2453. 2441)