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Proxy Servers, Firewalls & Ports

The Windows and Mac cloud clients have support for connection via a proxy. Ensure that you tick the box marked ‘Use proxy server’, then enter your proxy server details.

Many schools find it easier to put an exception in their proxy or firewall instead of using these settings. If this is the case, note that we only have servers located at the risingsoftware domain, therefore making exceptions similar to this valid.


If you require a list of servers for proxy setup contact us directly and we will be able to provide further details.  To test connectivity from your workstations, please try browsing to the following URL. If you can connect then you will see a Rising Software logo in your browser.

Proxy Settings – Setting INI File

You can deploy an ini file with proxy settings completed by using the Settings -> Network screen in your Cloud client.

Enter the required settings and they will be saved to a ‘rising7cloud.ini’. This file is saved in the home directory of the user currently logged in, please search for it there.

You can then deploy that file on your workstations – make a copy and then place it in the PARENT directory to your SHARED database directory, not the database folder found in the user home directory.

The location of the SHARED database directory is found on this page, under ‘Single and Multi Seat licences’.

The cloud ini files in this location are never created automatically and are never written to by the software.

Proxy Settings – Hiding

In some schools a proxy is requred, but when students take their laptop home there is no proxy. If you have this situation, and wish to hide proxy settings from your studens, add this line to the [database] section of your Auralia or Musition ini file.


This will allow students to choose whether they want to use a proxy server, but will not allow them to see the settings password.

Proxy & School Code Settings – Preventing Changes

If you wish to prevent your students from modifying the school code or proxy settings (if they are visible) then please add or modify this line in the [database] section of your Auralia or Musition ini file.


If this is false then students will still be able to disable the use of a proxy server, allowing use of a proxy on campus, but not at home.

Network Access

The Windows and Mac cloud clients communicate with our servers using http and https, ports 80 and 443. It’s absolutely essential that the client machines can communicate using those ports.