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Older versions of Auralia or Musition on the same server

It is possible to run older versions such as Auralia 3 or Musition 3 with more recent versions of the software. On the workstation side, there isn’t much difference – all older versions are quite happy to co-exist with the latest releases. However, on the server side, you will need to configure Firebird 2.x to run alongside Firebird 1.5. This is not difficult but does require some understanding of Firebird.

It is much simpler to run Firebird 1.5 on one server and Firebird 2.x on another.

However, if you do need to do this, we recommend that you modify your Firebird 2.x installation and port number, and leave the Firebird 1.5 installation as default. Please refer to this article this article for instructions on how to install Firebird 2.x manually, and then install it with a different service name.

You will need to choose a different port for Firebird 2.x (by modifying the firebird.conf file) and then specify this port on the Administration->Network screen of your workstations.