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Network Setup 1 - Overview

In an environment where Auralia or Musition are installed on many computers we recommend that you utilise your network to help you track student performance – Auralia and Musition both support networked record keeping. This means that all of your student results, settings, classes, syllabuses and tests can be stored centrally.


Auralia and Musition utilise the Firebird database, which is installed automatically on your workstations from the program installer. In a network environment, the Firebird server software must be installed onto a separate computer. In most situations, this will be an existing file server. We support Firebird being installed onto Windows and Macintosh servers, both .

In schools where both Windows and Macintosh computers are used, a network database can be deployed on either type of server, and be used by either type of client. In an environment where your existing file server isn’t Windows or Macintosh, for example Netware, you must use one of your workstations as a dual purpose server / workstation computer. Depending on the speed of the machine, this may result in a small performance penalty.


You will need network Administrator access to complete theses tasks successfully!

    • Install Firebird database engine
    • Install database file using setup_server utility
    • Configure server options

Estimated time: 15 – 30 minutes

We support installing the Firebird server on any of the operating systems listed below. While Firebird is supported on many other platforms Rising Software does not provide official support for using Auralia and Musition with these.

    • Windows 10, Server 2012+
    • macOS 10.13 or later

It is preferable that Firebird be installed onto a dedicated server, running a server operating system such as Windows Server, or macOS Server.


Download all the server tools from our network download page.


    • Install Auralia and/or Musition
    • Configure workstation to communicate with your server
    • Add user and enable record keeping

Estimated time: Around 5 minutes per workstation if not using imaging software.

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