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Musition Changes


  • Improved mixer part names in all Chord Progression topics (5252)
  • Rare starting issues in Jazz Chord Symbols resolved (5232)
  • Chord Palette now has new chords: Half Diminished Applied (viiø7) and Common Tone Diminished (4813, 4961)
  • Improved randomisation in Key Signatures, Rhythmic Subdivision and Rhythm Notation (5253)


  • Multiple Choice questions - part label setting now works correctly (5281)


  • Voice type can now be edited on student licences (5272)


  • Rare issues with inconsistent results when test taken on browser resolved (5296)
  • LMS linked services (Canvas, MFC, Blackboard etc) can now change the result type for existing tasks with results (5286)
  • LMS linked services (Canvas, MFC, Blackboard etc) can now resubmit results if required (5277)
  • Chord palette default is now 'Required chords for entry' (5286)


  • Issues with the Test Information -> Entries report resolved (5294)