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Musition Changes


  • Creative question Options now load correctly (5084, 5087)
  • Issues with Multiple Choice questions using 'Multiple Correct Answers' setting now resolved (5101, 5102)
  • Can now leave the 'Modify Selections' screen if no chord symbols or text entries present when editing Notation Chord Symbol or Notation Text questions (5108, 5111)

Tests & Courses - LMS

  • NEW area for 'Attaching', with improved information from your LMS (4593)
  • NEW area listing previous attachments (4601)
  • Attached Test or Course is now selected in the Test or Course list (5081)

Tests & Courses

  • Can now quickly disable tests for both applications (5015)


  • Notes without accidentals are now also used when accidentals are enabled in Note Reading (5116)
  • Improved note selection in Note Reading - preventing accidentals such as E# (5096)
  • Rare crashes in Cadences and Scales resolved (5090, 5106)


  • Much faster loading time! (4992)