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Musition Changes


  • Notation -> Text question with text present in notation now assess correctly (4981)
  • Issues with compressed XML import resolved (5004)

Tests / Courses

  • Tempo override now works correctly again (4995)
  • Results can now be cleared if a Test or Course is 'Attached' to a LMS task (4994)


  • Question and Answer can't be played simultaneously now! (3843)
  • Items that have been 'regraded' now display in the correct category (4973)
  • Tests taken within a Course no longer appear for review (5018)


  • Various German translation items resolved (5022)
  • When reviewing a Test, students can now see their score more clearly (4740)
  • Mac proxy setting now defaults to 'System' (5006)
  • Checking for update on Cloud now opens download page (5010)