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Musition 4.56 Changes

This page details all the fixes and improvements that have been made in Musition 4.56.



  • Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks now supported
  • Resolved database creation issue on Mac ( only)


  • Updated Western Australia syllabus!

    NOTE: The old syllabus is DELETED with this update. Any results and test scores will also be DELETED. Ensure that you have printed or exported these results BEFORE you install this update.


  • Small fixes for German translation (3140, 3141)
  • Chord names in German improved (3090)
  • Minor layout issues in German lessons resolved (3147)


  • Better support for syncopated rhythms (2827)
  • Voice types now used properly in tests with singing drills (3176)
  • Scale Degrees problems with Solfege controller fixed (3173, 3201)
  • Jazz Chord fixes for enharmonic notes on controllers (2477)
  • Correct clef now used in Chords feedback screen (3032)


  • Playback fixes with ending with an empty bar of notation (2978)
  • Improved support for smaller resolutions (2919)


  • Student test results inconsistencies in ‘Check My Results’ now resolved (3169)
  • Resolved issues with shared proxy settings support (3219)
  • Improved proxy settings support (3170, 3220)
  • Obscure test replays bug fixed (3175)


  • Problems with Course reports are now resolved (3183)


  • Student lists now properly refreshed after deleting a class (3145)
  • Problems saving custom levels resolved ( only)