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Musition 4.07 Changes

This page details all the fixes and improvements that have been made in Musition 4.06 and 4.07. You can download the latest version here.



  • Intervals now consistently shows Key Signature if required, without accidentals (2109)
  • Occasionally the notation keypad would appear off the screen in Scales (1883)
  • The ‘Included Scales’ list would not always update correctly on Mac (2105)
  • The ‘Included Chords’ list would not always update correctly on Mac (1714)
  • Very rare crashes when selecting scales resolved (2076)
  • Problems with displays in Drum Sticking are resolved (2085)
  • Diatonic Chords now displays key signatures correctly (2141)
  • The notation keypad is now focussed by default (2149)
  • Interval lists are now refreshed correctly (2055)
  • Minor problems with syncopated rhythms have been resolved (2118)


  • Incorrect spelling of ‘Andante’ has been fixed (2122)
  • A question mark in the Major 7ths lesson has been removed (2147)
  • Errors in Instrument Knowledge lessons have been corrected (2057)
  • Lessons screens can now be zoomed (2108)
  • Hand Signs are now ordered correctly in Solfege lessons (1950)


  • New Zealand syllabus support is now included!
  • Importing a syllabus with interval levels from older versions now works correctly (2131)

Tests and Courses

  • Number of replays can now be set for Instrument Recognition test entries (2151)


  • When viewing results at the end of a test the user or class name wasn’t shown correctly (2091)
  • Startup problems on Mac casued by permissions have now been resolved (2137)
  • After backing and your database with GBAK subsequent restores from that backup would fail (2049)


  • Certain syllabuses, when copied, could not be renamed (2054)
  • Tests that are not relevant for your location will not be displayed (2157)
  • Importing a user file created on Mac would not work on Windows and vice-versa (2154)
  • Problems importing custom syllabi with versions prior to 4.05 that had custom interval levels
  • Incorrect syllabus terminology would sometimes appear in the Syllabus Administration screen
  • The teacher list in Class Admnistration now only shows Teachers and Administrators (2066)
  • After setting a teacher in Class Admnistration you can now set it back to ‘Not Selected’ (2102)
  • Teacher level access has changed, Teachers now;
    • Cannot clear all student results
    • Cannot modify user access levels to Administrator
    • Cannot view Administrator passwords
  • Select / Deselect All buttons have been added to Class Administration, Active Topics (2104)
  • Users can now be exported from User Administration, allowing them to be imported into another machine (2074)


  • Test reports that used date ranges were not working correctly (2086)
  • Demo course no longer appears in course report selections (2135)
  • Syllabus name appears correctly on syllabus list reports (2124)