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Musition 4.02 Changes

This page details all the fixes and improvements that have been made in Musition 4.02. You can download the latest version here.



  • Many improvements to melodies in topics such as Scale Degrees (1584)
  • Tapping latency issues (Windows) resolved, and now adjustable on the ‘Administration / Sound and Pictures / Playback’ screen (1468)
  • Improved Key Signatures question text (1605)
  • Improved feedback in Rhythm Notation (1517)
  • Improved feedback in Guitar Symbols (1603)
  • Problems with compound Intervals resolved (1675)
  • Intervals now allows enharmonic equivalents for Tritone (1487)
  • Colour changes in Drum Sticking to assist people with vision problems (1644)
  • Incorrect time signatures in Drum Sticking fixed. Fixed tapping start issues. (1531, 1532)
  • Improved feedback in Ornaments (1604)
  • Syllabus instrument choice wasn’t being set for the first question (1643)
  • Improved feedback in Instrument Knowledge (1604)
  • Question text improved in Clef Transposition (1608)
  • New symbols added – quintuplet, septuplet, duplet etc (1632, 1650)
  • Improved notation labelling and layout on response screen – many topics (1222, 1497, 1498, 1353)
  • Beaming in Meter Recognition does not change as bar lines are clicked in (1519)
  • Response text improved in Terms and Concepts (1585)
  • Selection of Tuplet fragments in rhythm topics notation drawing issues resolved (1406)
  • Repeating key presses in all tapping drills now ignored (you can now hold down spacebar and not get question wrong) (1404)
  • New concepts added – embouchure, harmony etc (1384)
  • Some questions would appear in extreme ranges on the staff (1527)
  • Various beaming issues resolved (1641)
  • Multiple choice answers now display in the same order each time the drill is run, regardless of the level or questions chosen (1712)
  • Certain topics in the Demo would not work – Note Reading, Solfege (1780)


  • NEW Jazz Syllabus, Courses and Tests!
  • Ensured that Meter Recognition levels don’t have 2/4 and 4/4 in the same level unless required by syllabus (1521)
  • VCE Syllabus – tests now included (1687)


  • Lydian augmented scale description used to refer to lydian dominant (1620)
  • Many scrollbars removed through correct sizing (Mac only) (1756, 1759)
  • Various spelling and grammar problems resolved (1631)
  • Added paradiddle info for Drum Sticking (1667)
  • Playback of individual parts, chords, notes etc enabled in many lessons (1349)

Sound Issues

  • Stuck MIDI notes fixed (Windows only) (1556)
  • Default system wave sound output device now chosen, resolving issues with question response sound and instrument topics playback (1288)
  • MIDI instruments are sometimes not restored after switching to another application (1625)
  • Crash on Mac when there were similarly named MIDI input devices (1646)
  • Incorrect MIDI output devices reported (Windows only) (1645)
  • Replay button delay removed (1326)


  • Numerous Drill screen layout and size improvements (1621, 1485, 1628, 1642, 1730, 1600, 1642, 1684)
  • Response screen layout and size improvements (1554)
  • Various selection box updating issues resolved (Mac only) (1714)
  • Various dialogs would allow text that was too long, causing errors (NO database corruption – just runtime errors) (1765)
  • Minor Guitar controller issues resolved (1666)
  • Enharmonic note issues with Guitar and Piano controllers resolved (1629)
  • The Guitar, Solfege and Piano controllers would appear on the monitor that Auralia was started on if you moved the application, instead of displaying on the new monitor (1664)
  • Courses and tests are now sorted nicely on the Course and Test start screens
  • Course test and drill entries weren’t remembering the number of questions completed after exiting and then resuming (1376)
  • Various issues with Course and Test results and attempted fixed. Also fixed some course running issues (1754, 1686, 1681)
  • Course entry response screens improved with less dialog popups(1707)


  • Improved layout of Sound and Pictures configuration screens (1468, 1553)
  • The currently logged in user name is now displayed at the bottom right of the screen (1347)
  • You are now prompted to Login after enabling logins on the ‘Administration / Security & Record Keeping’ screen (1773)
  • Registration issues with non-ascii characters are now resolved (1679)
  • Crash after cancelling registration fixed. Registration feedback messages improved (1656, 1676)
  • The Test editor now remember which syllabus you last chose as you add new test entries (1619)
  • Crashes when deleting invalid entries in the Chords, Scales, Concepts and Terms editors have been resolved (1747)
  • Concepts and Terms editors question checking issues resolved (1746)
  • Duplicate user names are now prevented on the User administration screen (1774)
  • The country filter on the Syllabus administration screen now only lists countries that have syllabuses assigned (1757)
  • Topics without levels can now be excluded from the topic list in the Test editor (1659)
  • Chords that have been added without context information will cause a crash in the level editor (1665)
  • Clearing all test results on User administration screen would not work (1741)
  • Problems with the transfer utility have been resolved (1671, 1696)
  • If you changed the ‘Show message for correct option’ setting on the ‘Change your Details’ dialog the program would ignore the change until the next login (1634)
  • Tests can now be ‘Locked’ by an Administrator, so that they can’t be modified when a student imports it for home use (1723)
  • The class list is now correctly updated on the Test administration screen (Mac only) (1744)


  • Some reports would show Auralia results as well as Musition results (1636)
  • Test attempt report would not show ‘Completed’ as YES even if test was completed correctly – only for COMBINED attempts (1708)
  • Percentages now included for detailed practise results (1374)
  • Various text boxes were getting truncated in reports (1388)
  • Test and Course results screens under ‘Check my Results’ now show completed status (1698)
  • Test results were always available for students regardless of test setting (1697)
  • Question retries are now NO LONGER counted as an attempt by default. There is a new setting to control this on the ‘Administration / Users / Users and Options’ screen. Note that this setting is IGNORED in Courses, question retries are never counted as an attempt due to complex scoring issues (1544, 1348, 1731)