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LMS Tasks - Course Rollover Issues


When a unit or course is 'Rolled Over' in your LMS, commonly between semesters, links to Auralia and Musition tasks are often removed from the LMS.  If this happens, all the tasks will have to be relinked.

Task History

Some LMS support 'task history'; although new tasks are created in the LMS upon rollover, the 'prior ID' of the task is still passed through to Auralia and Musiton.  This is used to map the new LMS task to the prior Auralia /Musition Test or Course, ensuring that things continue to work correctly.

We support this with custom parameters from these LMS;

  • D2L Brightspace
  • Schoology
  • MusicFirst Classroom

Task Linking - 'External ID'

If your LMS does not support 'Task History', you can link your tasks manually using 'Custom Parameters' on each task in your LMS, if it is supported.  This will ensure that copies or 'rollovers' of your courses will continue to have tasks linked correctly.

Step 1 - Auralia & Musition

For each of your Auralia and Musition Tests or Courses, you need to set an 'External ID'. These must be unique and are case sensitive.  We don't recommend including spaces.

Step 2 - LMS

On each of your LMS tasks, you need to add the following 'Custom Parameters'. They will be passed through to Auralia / Musition when the task is first launched, creating the link and ensuring things open correctly.

  • external_id={external_id_set_in_auralia-musition}
  • result_mode={last/combined/single/best/worst}


  1. If you update the 'external_id' or 'result_mode' custom parameter in your LMS, it will not be updated in Auralia and Musition - instead simply create a new 'task' in your LMS and use the new external_id there.
  2. If your LMS doesn't support a 'Custom Parameters' field - then please add your external ID information to the end of the launch url, an example is below.  Canvas is one LMS that does not support a dedicated field per launch, so you will need to use this method.
    • LTI 1.1:
    • LTI 1.3:

LTI 1.3

We currently support LTI 1.3, including deep linking.  At this stage our deep linking implementation does not support task selection.