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LMS Tasks


Auralia and Musition Cloud can be registered in your school LMS as external tools, allowing you to link LMS tasks to tests in Auralia and Musition.

Students’ test results will be automatically reported back to your LMS gradebook.


Your LMS must be setup by your LMS administration team to work with Auralia and Musition.

Please refer to this document to setup your LMS.

Creating a Task

Once the Auralia and Musition external tools are registered, you can use them in a LMS course. Your LMS administrator can provide assistance.

MoodleAdd an activity, select external tool, and select from the pre-configured tools.  Make sure that you select the 'Task' tool rather than the 'Global' tool.
Canvas LMSCreate an assignment which uses the ‘external tool’ submission type, press Find and select from the pre-configured tools. Afterwards you can add your new assignment to a module.  Make sure that you select the 'Task' tool rather than the 'Global' tool.
Blackboard LearnCreate a task with the new tools from the Build Content menu within your course.  Make sure that you select the 'Task' tool rather than the 'Global' tool.
SchoologyAdd an external tool from the Add Materials menu within your course section and select from the external tools added previously.  Make sure that you select the 'Task' tool rather than the 'Global' tool.


If you are creating a ‘task launch’ task, you need to associate the LMS task you have created with a test in Auralia / Musition.

  1. Launch the task from your LMS to the Auralia / Musition website
  2. Select the test you wish to use, or create a new one.
  3. Press Attach to associate it with the LMS task.

Once the task has been attempted by students you cannot change the association.

Task Results

If you allow students to attempt your Auralia / Musition Test more than once by changing the ‘Attempts’ setting then you may also choose which result we send back to your LMS.

  • Last completed attempt
  • Best completed attempt
  • Worst completed attempt
  • Combined complete attempts

As students complete extra attempts, we will notify your LMS with the updated results.

Note that it is possible that your LMS will not allow your students to launch the Task again once a result has been received.  Please check with your LMS support team to work through this.