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LMS Student View

Many LMS support a 'student view' that instructors use to preview their courses.  Auralia and Musition can be launched when in the student view, but this does not exactly replicate a 'true' student launch.


Student view often results in a 'temporary' student account being created in Auralia and Musition.  These cannot be deleted by instructors, but are removed automatically from time to time.

You will see accounts with login names such as:

  • 'test-student'
  • 'preview-user'

Alternatively the first and last names may be:

  • 'test' & 'student'
  • 'preview' & 'user'

Some LMS have exactly the same login credentials, but change the access level upon launch to 'student'.  In this case no temporary accounts are created.

Task Results

Auralia and Musition do attempt to report results back to the LMS, but this is not reliable for a number of reasons.

  • We may not be provided with 'reporting' information for 'student view' launches
  • Result reporting is sometimes rejected for 'student view' launches

If a true test of a 'student launch' with gradebook reporting is required it is better to use a true student account.  Please contact your LMS support to organise this.