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LMS Class Support

LMS Class Support

When using Auralia and Musition with your LMS, student accounts are automatically created when they launch from the LMS.  Student groups or class names are also synced and students are dynamically allocated to whichever class they launched from. This means that when doing a Practice launch they will always have access to the Syllabus, Topics and settings relevant to their class, and you can use our comprehensive reporting features more easily.

You may still reallocate them manually in the People page as required.

MusicFirst Classroom

Good news - class names are synced when using the MusicFirst Classroom!

  • when a teacher opens Auralia or Musition, we receive their Classes and all Students in their Classes and update accordingly
  • when a student opens Auralia or Musition, we receive their own Classes and Students and update accordingly.

Imagine two teachers with completely different class lists. Teacher A will not see any MFC changes for Teacher B until Teacher B has logged in.

Note that at this stage you can't remove Classes on the People page to 'clean things up', this is planned for a future release. If you need old Class names removed, just let us know.