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Library Searching


The Auralia & Musition library is a vast beast with thousands of audio recordings, notation, links and questions.

When you enter terms into the search bar, it's best to separate items with a comma.  You will be searching library questions and media, across the following information;

  • Titles
  • Composers
  • Descriptions
  • Question type
  • Tags & custom tags
  • ... and musical metadata such as key, time signature and tonality etc

Sample Search 

  • Mozart, Dictation, 3/4, D Major, 8 bars

Search Tips

Below are some sample words and phrases to use when trying to find various types of content.

TextureMonophonic, homophonic, polyphonic
Meter3/4, 4/4
KeyBb major, F# minor`
TonalityDiatonic, chromatic, atonal, modal, dorian
RhythmHemiola, syncopation, triplets
Genrepop, contemporary, cpm1 (=common practice music), cpm0 (=NOT common practice music
Harmonyapplied, mixture
Source materialrepertoire (ie drawing from literature)
Question TypeInterval writing (Musition), Four-part writing, Sight Singing
Question Formatmultiple choice, highlight, chord symbols, tapping, notate
Question Title meter recognition,
ComposerMayer, Chopin

Playback type

'audio playback'
include all questions where there is an audio file used in playback
'notation playback'
include all questions where there is a notation file used in playback

Note: “audio” and “notation” etc searches already function to filter the media type

Special Search Tags

If you are looking for melodies or chord progressions with specific melodic leaps or harmonic vocabulary please get in touch.