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Forgotten SYSDBA Firebird password on your server

If you have forgotten your SYSDBA password then you won’t be able to update the server database, reset the RISINGSOFTWARE password etc.

To resolve this then you can simply uninstall Firebird and reinstall. This is completely safe – it will NOT remove your database so you will NOT lose any data. However, after re-installing you will need to;

  • Re-create the RISINGSOFTWARE user via the setup_server utility
  • Update your aliases.conf file to point to your database

We recommend that you take a BACKUP of the aliases.conf file before uninstalling and copy it back over the new one

Once you have reinstalled then the SYSDBA password will be reset back to the default of ‘masterkey’. Note that if you have other applications using Firebird then we recommend you contact your other application vendors before uninstalling and re-installing.