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Content 17108 Changes

Cloud - First Edition

This update is focused on our First Edition and features some great new content including pop chord progressions, rhythm sums, rhythm counting, drum sticking & styles, clef transposition and meter transposition, plus a brand new Music First Jazz syllabus.

The new Score Reading topic introduces students to a whole range of music fundamentals based around short excerpts. This includes questions on performance directions, note names, scale degrees, intervals, scales, meter, and chords.

You can use any of these new questions in your own tests simply by searching the library for 17108 - First and Full editions!

Get in touch if you have any feedback to share, we'd love to hear about any specific curriculum requirements you may have.


  • Score Reading
  • Rhythm Counting
  • Rhythm Sums
  • Drum Sticking
  • Drum Styles
  • Polyrhythms
  • Clef & Meter Transposition


  • Pop Chord Progressions - introduce your students to harmonic dictation using sounds and progressions they are familiar with
  • Jazz Forms
  • Jazz Chords
  • Jazz Scales