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Content 17107 Changes

Cloud - Full Edition

This content update features some great new pop harmonic dictation and pop form questions, circle of fifths worksheets, harmonization questions, plus content focusing on meter and notation basics.

You can find most of this new content in the Complete Syllabus, the Theory & Aural I Syllabus, or within new tests or worksheets. Or, just search the library in Auralia or Musition for 17107 to view all the new questions and media.

Coming (really) soon: automatically assessed four-part writing questions!!


  • NEW topic: Pop Chord Progressions (Complete Syllabus)
  • NEW questions: Part dictation - Soprano & Bass + Roman Numerals (Theory & Aural I Syllabus)
  • NEW questions: Harmonic Dictation (Theory & Aural I Syllabus)


  • NEW topic: Rhythm Counting (Complete, Theory & Aural I and First Syllabi)
  • NEW worksheet: Meter & Notation basics
  • NEW questions: Circle of fifths worksheet (Theory & Aural I, Fundamentals and AP Music Theory)
  • NEW worksheet: Conjunct vs Disjunct (Music Theory, Fundamentals)
  • NEW worksheet: Conducting patterns (Theory & Aural I, Fundamentals)
  • NEW worksheet: VCE 2019 exam (relevant for schools in Victoria, Australia)
  • NEW topic: Harmonization (Complete, and Theory & Aural I-III Syllabi)
  • NEW worksheet: Melodic Embellishment in two-part textures (Theory & Aural I)
  • NEW worksheet: Pop form
  • NEW post-tonal worksheets: Scales & Modes, Pitch Class Notation, Pitch Class Intervals, Set Classes, Set Class Operations, Pitch Class Invariance & Serialism (Theory & Aural IV)