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Content 17106 Changes

Cloud - Full Edition

This content update features over 900 new library questions focused on music fundamentals in Musition; scales, chords, intervals, clef transposition, terms & symbols, meter transposition and the new 'music in context' question sets featuring a variety of theory questions based around 13 short excerpts.

Simply search the library in Musition for 17106!


Questions in keys up to four sharps and flats.

  • Complete the tonic triad
  • Identify the diatonic triad
  • True & False


Questions covering all diatonic intervals from the tonic in keys up to four sharps and flats.

  • Reading by quality only
  • Writing


Questions up to four ledger lines.

  • Note reading
  • Clef transposition
  • Pitch comparison

Key Signatures

Questions up keys up to four sharps and flats.

  • Identify the correctly written key signature – includes common errors as answer options
  • o Add accidentals to the displayed excerpt to place it in a particular key
  • Identify the key

Music in context questions - 4-8 bar excerpts

  • Covering intervals, scale degrees, note reading, rhythm, scale degrees, scales, tones/semitones, terms & symbols, chords and time signatures


Questions in 12/8, 9/8 with values down to 32nd notes.

  • Meter – recognition and enter the barlines
  • Meter transposition
  • Grouping & Beaming – multiple choice 'Identify the correct beaming'
  • Rhythmic subdivision
  • Meter definitions
  • Complete the bar


  • Highlight the incorrect pitches in the displayed scale
  • Complete the scale
  • Scale comparison
  • Scale Degree reading & writing