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Content 17103 Changes

Cloud - Full Edition

This content update includes almost 2000 new questions!  There are also additions to the Theory & Aural I-IV and Complete syllabi, and accompanying worksheets.

  • Auto-assessed questions combining Soprano, Bass + Roman numeral dictation
  • New topic: Phrase Structure & Form - Auralia & Musition
  • Post-tonal theory: Pitch class, interval vectors, set class & serialism
  • Post-tonal ear training: Atonal melodic dictation, trichords, 2-part dictation
  • Melodic Dictation: 200+ questions from stepwise movement to chromatic embellishment
  • Modulation levels drawing from the literature
  • Support for viiø7/ and CTo7 chords

To find the new content and questions exclusively in the library you can search for '17103'. Or browse the Theory & Aural I-IV and Complete syllabi. Let us know if you need help finding anything!

As always, you have the option to copy and edit the questions, syllabi or worksheets to match your curriculum requirements, or rename and re-order them to align with your course structure.

Details - Post Tonal Theory (Musition)

  • Pitch Class Notation Notate and identify pitch class integers
  • Interval ID Identify ordered and unordered pitch and pitch-class intervals
  • Interval Vectors Construct the interval vector for a given set
  • Transposition & Inversion:
    Find Tn or TnI for a given set
    Determine the relationship (Tn, TnI) between two sets
  • Normal Order
  • Prime Form
  • Invariance Determine common tones at Tn or TnI for a given set
  • 12-Tone Rows Notate and ID P, R, I, and RI row forms given a 12-tone series

Details - Post Tonal Ear Training (Auralia)

  • Melodic Dictation:
    Short 1-bar atonal interval strings
    12-tone melodies
  • Two-Part Melodic Dictation:
    Short 1-bar atonal dictation
    Phrase-length 12-tone, octatonic, whole tone, and bitonal melodies
  • Chord Recognition with Trichords