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Content 10016 Changes

This page details all the fixes and improvements that were delivered as part of content update 10016, which was released on 10th February, 2016.

Cloud – Full and Multi Seat

  • One hundred (100) chord progressions with matching Harmonic Dictation & Jazz Chord Progressions questions (Auralia), and Harmonic Analysis Questions (Musition)

These include simple root position, 3 chord progressions using primary triads, through longer progressions with applied chords, 7ths, inversions, and mixture chords.

  • Lots of new Melodic Dictation, Rhythm Dictation and Meter Recognition (Auralia) questions, using audio recordings
  • 44 new ‘Ties’ questions (Musition).  The student has to rewrite the displayed extract using ties so that the main beats are clearly displayed for the given meter
  • 30 atonal melodies and dictation exercises (Auralia) – great for challenging your advanced students!
  • 60 multiple choice questions testing your students’ knowledge of musical periods

… plus many new questions on dynamics, tempo, genre, style, compositional devices, instrument recognition, cadences & modulation!

Cloud – First Edition

No changes