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Browser Support – Release 4

September 2021

General notes about the browser client can be found in this article.  Updates will be deployed automatically.

Update Highlights - Courses

Courses have finally made their way to the browser, and they're much nicer than on the desktop client!

  • Drill entries
  • Library Drill entries
  • Lesson and Display entries
  • Test entries

We have switched many of our provided Courses to browser, these will be rolled out during week of 5th September 2021.  Any custom Courses that you have can be switched to support browser once you have installed the latest desktop client.

Supported features include;

  • Drill thresholds
  • Drill timers
  • Test entries - overall timers

The only missing feature is 'Entry Timers within a Test' - we do not support using these at this stage.


  • User Results - courses are now listed and can be reviewed
  • User Results - better information around task attempts
  • Class Editing - now supports Courses
  • LMS Task linking - now supports Courses
  • ... stay tuned... lots more coming soon!

General Features

  • Tasks - now lists Courses
  • Student Results - courses now listed


  • Incorrect or 'corrupted' notation layout in creative questions resolved (1736)
  • Issues after changing notation settings fixed (1963)