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Auralia Changes

Courses & Tests

  • We have now enabled Courses for use in your web browser, allowing students to use their phones, tablets and Chromebooks! (5412)
  • Browser is now the default option for any new Course or Test (5428)
  • Browser information now only lists topics that are NOT available for browser use (5429)
  • Various 'library content' warnings removed when creating Courses & Tests (5430)
  • Display Test entries with some URLs now working correctly (5361)


  • Class metronome settings now correctly apply to library questions (5334)
  • Rare issues with Jazz Chord Symbols in notation questions resolved (5351)
  • Playback and Assessement notation now displays 'Rhythm Only correctly if modified in the Question (5384)
  • Issues with Barline assessment & anacrusis resolved (5388)


  • Voice type can now be edited on student licences (5272)


  • Improved launching on Mac from LMS (5371)
  • Course reports no longer list courses twice (5409)