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Auralia Changes

Library Questions

  • Key Signature question feedback - correct notation shown (4673)
  • Customised voice selections now working correctly (4692)
  • Questions with empty chord symbols no longer cause assessment issues (4708, 4709)


  • Playback pause now works correctly on last replay (4693)
  • 'Display' entries now have a larger window (4675)
  • Disabling 'All tests' for a class now only selects tests (4680)


  • Accidental on palette is now 'cleared' after note entry (4210)
  • Flickering on feedback screens during playback resolved (4646)


  • Various buttons now correctly sized (4684)
  • Modulation feedback now shows horizontal scrollbar if necessary (3407)
  • Rests no longer appear in rhythm topics in percussive examples (4689)
  • The 'Tasks' entry no longer appears on the Home screen during a LMS launch (4701)