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Auralia Changes

This page details all the fixes and improvements that have been made in Auralia 5.0.6. You can download the latest version here.


Browser Support

  • The test editor now allows you to create tests that can be used directly in the browser, with no client download. (3226)


  • Chord Palette – the v and bIII chords have been added for major keys (3293)
  • Chord Palette – the VI chord has been changed to bVI for major keys (3292)
  • Sight Singing – problems with raised 7ths being notated as enharmonic equivalent are resolved (3294)
  • Jazz Chord Progressions – issues with sustaining notes resolved (3314)
  • Issues with various Modulation files resolved (3316)
  • Incorrect enharmonic notes with the dim7 chord resolved (3317)


  • Issues with report parameter on the Test Overall and Test Entries reports resolved (3296)
  • Percentage filters with Test Overall scores now working correctly when the ‘Questions Score’ is selected (3303)
  • Issues with test final scores and ‘Show users who have not attempted’ option resolved (3173)

Tests – MusicFirst

  • There are now quizzes available for each topic, great for quick student practise tasks (C-14)


  • Historical test results now still appear for a student, even if the test is no longer available (3286)
  • Sound settings for startup, closing are now working correctly (3297)
  • Issues with importing students with space in names resolved (3283)