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Auralia Changes

This page details all the fixes and improvements that have been made in Auralia 5.0.4. You can download the latest version here.



  • Notation – items with non Major or Minor tonalities no longer ‘lose’ their tonality information when copied or used within a question (3181)
  • Audio play indicator now works better in the extract editor (3117)
  • Questions – tapping – many items fixed (3189, 3192)
  • Question – Chord Symbols (Jazz) – if a starting chord is given it now has no scoring value (3183)


  • Issues in Counterpoint Singing resolved (3202)
  • A controller button is now visible if ‘External MIDI’ is enabled and only one other controller (Piano, Guitar, Solfege) is used (3194)
  • Starting note is now correctly shown if ‘External MIDI’ is used and the ‘Disable other entry options’ setting is enabled.  (3195).


  • Faster loading time (3069)
  • Faster topic loading for those using library questions (3199)
  • Lesson and help text now zoom correctly (3196)
  • Improvement in metronome accuracy when using the built in synth with fast tempos (3219)