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Auralia 4.54 Changes

This page details all the fixes and improvements that have been made in Auralia 4.54.



  • Pitch Dictation feedback is now correct (2909)
  • Various fixes and improvements to melody generation (2867)
  • Fixes with enharmonic note problems with piano, guitar and solfege controllers (2029)


  • Minor fix to the Chord Progressions labelling chords lesson (2876)
  • Duplet lessons are now included in various rhythm lessons (2877)
  • Circle of 5ths now correctly labelled in various areas (2883)


  • New users who were self registering could choose their access level and various other parameters. Note that although they could choose their access level, they were always given Student access (2902)
  • Students connecting to Cloud using the Student edition can now modify their Wave and Picture settings individually (2897)


  • Detailed scoring in tests now correctly clears scores when new attempts are started (2891)


  • The number of test attempts can now be changed when multiple tests are selected (2851)


  • NEW – There is now a ‘Worst’ result filter for test attempts (2866)
  • Duplicate names in Course Status reports are now resolved (2875)
  • The Course Status report now correctly lists the course name (2874)
  • The Overall practise scores report now shows correct totals when filtered by syllabus (2795)
  • Long user names were sometimes cutoff in the ‘Report Selections’ area at the top of reports (2853)