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Auralia 4.50 Changes

Auralia 4.5 is a major new release, featuring numerous new features and enhancements. The page you are on now provides the most details of the improvements and fixes that have been made, but we have a pdf below that highlights the major changes. 


  • Detailed scoring implemented across all the following topics:
    Advanced Progressions
    Chord Progressions
    Chord Recognition
    Chord Singing
    Cluster Chords
    Counterpoint Singing
    Jazz Chord Singing
    Jazz Chords
    Jazz Progressions
    Jazz Scale Singing
    Jazz Scales
    Melodic Comparison
    Melodic Dictation
    Pitch Dictation
    Pulse Tapping
    Rhythm Comparison
    Rhythm Dictation
    Rhythm Element Dictation
    Rhythm Imitation
    Scale Singing
    Sight Singing
  • Jazz Chord – 7(#11) stacked has fixed notes
  • Cadences updated with revised voice leading and better notation
  • Chord Progressions and Advanced Progressions now have a dictation question type. Students have to
    enter the individual notes, instructors can choose any combination of parts.
  • Fixed question generation issues in Auralia Cluster Chords
  • Counterpoint Singing questions improved (1588)

Courses and Lessons

  • Courses now use Detailed Scoring. This is an important change, and makes it possible to get small
    parts of questions wrong, but still progress in the course
  • Instrument Lessons – various new images


  • GCSE (United Kingdom) syllabus support is now included
  • FSMTA (Florida) syllabus support is now included
  • NSW syllabus support is now included
  • South Australia syllabus support is now included
  • VET syllabus support is now included


  • MIDI output volume now has a separate control (2382)
  • Default chord emphasis now much higher (2652)


  • Data now loaded locally wherever possible – much faster on network
  • Improved Test result screen for students after finishing a test
  • USA Rhythm Terminology – half note rests are now referred to as half rests (other note values as well) (1991)
  • Various notation improvements (2574, 2447, 2435)
  • No font installation – loaded as needed
  • Firebird port setting now used correctly
  • Many fixes and enhancements to on screen dialogs
  • Database temporary files now stored in system temporary folder (2647)
  • Mac – loads of visual improvements, and now using Cocoa


  • Cloud connectivity now supported
  • Control Centre implemented for Teacher and Administrator use
  • Test timeslots now have a timezone selection
  • Added support in user profile for First Name, Last Name, email address
  • New user access level – System Admnistrator
  • Passwords can now be hidden from Teachers and Administrators (2139)
  • Student import now supports new user information
  • A import preview is now shown after select your student import CSV file
  • Login and Logout now implemented (not in Cloud edition)
  • You can now force students to change their password on next login. This
    can be done anytime, or after a bulk CSV import (2185, 2265)


  • All reports revised – now with colour, new layouts
  • Reports now feature detailed scoring data
  • Test Marking data added to test reports
  • You can now choose ‘Highest Score’ when students have attempted tests multiple times
  • Test selection simplified – Custom tests separated from included tests
  • External ID added to reports and CSV where required
  • First and Last name now shown on reports