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Diversify Your Curriculum

Expand your curriculum offering with the great new diversity content and features in Auralia® and Musition®

  • Works by women composers
  • Works by composers of color
  • Pop, Jazz & World music
  • Link to Youtube, Spotify and IMSLP


Auralia and Musition now include 800+ new questions based around works by women composers and composers of colour. Including compositions by Louise Farrenc, Emilie Mayer, Louise Reichardt, Joseph Bologne, and Robert Dett amongst others.

  • Melodic, rhythmic & harmonic dictation
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Phrase structure & form
  • Cadences & modulation
  • Tonality & non-harmonic tones

Phrase Structure

These questions have been integrated into our college fundamentals and Theory & Aural I - IV sequences, including practice syllabi, and 100+ worksheets. The aligned theory and aural content provides 15 week learning pathways for your students. You can easily assign these materials to your classes, or modify them to suit your curriculum.

Quick Tip: To view these questions in the Library, simply enter ‘diversity’ into the search bar.

Check out the growing number of pop and jazz based questions in Auralia and Musition.. perfect for expanding the breadth of your curriculum.

  • Pop harmonic dictation
  • Pop Form (coming soon)
  • World Music content (coming soon)
  • Jazz Arranging - Mechanical Voicings
  • Jazz Harmonic Dictation

Pop Harmonic Dictation

Of course, you can also add your own audio, notation and image files to the Library to create custom questions, or even include links to YouTube or Spotify, or to scores on IMSLP.  Auralia's integrated YouTube video feature allows you to save YouTube links to the library and create custom excerpts.

Link to a YouTube video

Here’s an example of a pop form question that includes a link to a YouTube video:

Include a PDF Score

Here’s an example of a form question that includes a link to a pdf score: